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GTCCC Winning Photographs
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Program date: June 16, 2010

Dream World by Hilarie McNeil-Smith
Hilarie McNeil-Smith

Happy Halloween by Lisa Horvath
Happy Halloween
Lisa Horvath

Mountain Man by Glenn Springer
Mountain Man
Glenn Springer

Old House by Janet Patterson
Old House
Janet Patterson

Sunset Beach by Geoffrey Pierpoint
Sunset Beach
Geoffrey Pierpoint

Railroad by Michelle Francis
Michelle Francis

Well, our program tonight paraphrased the old 1981 movie, “Hank Williams: the show he never gave”. When our scheduled guest speaker, Heather Morton was forced to take a rain check for personal reasons, Clint Hryhorijiw and Mark Singer arranged to present a NFB feature length movie called “Has Anybody Here Seen Canada?”. Meantime, Ed Warner suggested a slide show of recent GTCCC Interclub 2010 contest submissions (the PHSC is a member of the GTCCC, an organization representing camera clubs in the Greater Toronto Area).

Mark presented the slide show first - like the shorts that used to run before the main feature at the movie house. Only in this case, the slide show was so long no time was left for the main feature! I selected just a few of the slides from the presentation to give you an idea of the variety of photographs the GTA amateurs have created this past year.

Ellen Anger, wife of Ron Anger, long time member and a past president, was with us tonight. She was both a judge for the GTCCC and a participant representing the prestigious Toronto Camera Club. Her winning portrait “neighbour” is striking. I chose Ellen’s photograph and 29 others that represent a cross section of the submitted photographs to illustrate this page.

GTCCC To learn more about the GTCCC and see some of the other winning slides, from the Interclub 2010 competition, click on the GTCCC logo at the left. For more information on amateur photography in Canada, track down a copy of Lilly Koltun's excellent 1984 book "Private Realms of Light; Amateur Photography in Canada 1839 - 1940".


Abandoned Factory by Janet Kempster
Abandoned Factory
Janet Kempster
Baby Face by Michelle Francis
Baby Face
Michelle Francis
Balcony Seating by Toni Wallachy
Balcony Seating
Toni Wallachy
Blue Eyes by Diane Sawatzky
Blue Eyes
Diane Sawatzky
Circular Motion by Valorie Slagter
Circular Motion
Valarie Slagter
Creep of Time by Doug Johnston
Creep of Time
Doug Johnston
Dreamer by Gaetano Antonini
Gaetano Antonini
Dundas Square Crowd by Robbie Robinson
Dundas Sq. Crowd
Robbie Robinson
Enjoy the sunset by Chan Wah So
Enjoy the Sunset
Chan Wah So
Jasmine's Cube by
Jasmine's Cube
Ann Alimi
Jodhpur Gentlemen by Linda Zack
Jodhpur Gentlemen
Linda Zack
Monarch on Orchid by Fern Gitter
Monarch on Orchid
Fern Gitter

My cup runneth over by Gerrie Burnett
My cup runneth over
Gerrie Springer

Neighbour by Ellen Anger
Ellen Anger
On the waterfront by Faan Kuypers
On the waterfront
Faan Kuypers
Osgoode by Moy Nahon
Moy Nahon
PD1 by Han Quach
Han Quach
Snow at Park by Angela House
Snow at Park
Angela House
Sray away from me by Francis King
Stay away from me
Francis King
Study of bread and milk by Maria Ivanova
Study of bread & milk
Maria Ivanova
Sunny side up by Judy Zarowny
Sunny side up
Judy Zarowny

Taxi! by Jim Camelford
Jim Camelford

Watching the show by Malcolm Park
Watching the show
Malcolm Park

Meantime, “Has Anybody Here Seen Canada?” is tucked away now and will be taken out another night.

NFB app iconYou can enjoy some of the many cartoons and shorts created by the talented artists at Canada’s National Film Board on your computer - click the icon at the left. By the way, if you are fortunate enough to own an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad, download the free NFB app from iTunes and enjoy the NFB material anywhere! Since the works are owned by all Canadians, the NFB used the web and mobile devices to make these delightful bits of art and documentary more widely available world wide. As a bonus there are no interruptions by those irritating and inane advertisements that plague commercial TV.

See you at our next meeting in September, after our summer break.





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