45 Years of Commercial and Industrial Photography

OUR EVENING WITH GEORGE DUNBAR was a fascinating trip across most of the last half of the 20th century. George offered us a delightful sampling of black & white and colour images selected from the many thousands of shots. George mixed images from his commercial work with some personal themes. He told us he continues to enjoy photography today concentrating on a few personal themes.

George asked me to point out that these pictures are 2000 by George Dunbar and/or IBM Canada and cannot be used without their permission. Please respect George's wishes and do not copy or reused these images.

The 31 images on this page were recorded from projected slides with a Nikon Coolpix 990 camera (any fuzziness is due to my shaky shots). The images were subsequently adjusted for size, colour balance and light values using Photoshop. There is some slight cropping and I may have misjudged some of the colour balance and light settings. You will have to catch George's show at another outing to be sure... :-). Click on an image to see it enlarged in a separate window.Below the thumbnails is a short commentary on the images.

Bob Carter

1. George and his tools of the trade c1960 2. A lonely walker - one of George's themes. 3.Turismo Bradesco in Brazil 4. George's favourite shot - Chinamen in Vancouver 5. Components - the ingrediance of computers years ago.
6.Core Memory - the memories of computers in the 1960s 7. Gas Pump - Another of George's themes (Old technology)

8. Two kids having fun.

9. George had a queasy experience in this glider

10. Another lonely one - using Kodalith to make a strak image 11.Like #7, but old lamps this time
12. The little sign by the plant says "No Pictures" - George took one anyway. 13. Peeking through the innards of a 1960's mainframe computer 14. Old 78s in sleeves at a flea market 15. Place Ville Marie in Montreal (near an IBM office) 16. Selectric typewriter with an "x-ray" showing a special feature
17. George caught the shadow of his airplane on a nearby cloud 18. Taking different portraits of executives. 19. lonely theme again - with shadows by a pole 20. IBM technician doing something to a piece of computer hardware 21. Another of George's favourites then in the frame with now in the mirror and time in the middle
22. Tool guy... ready for any problem that doesn't require a tow truck! 23. Shot of a Sax for some IBM promotional material 24. A punch card from the 1960s with a tiny red heart over one spot for Valentine's 25. Roof of the Velodrome in Montreal at the summer Olympics 26. Another lonely shot - sign outside Ladies room "man washing floor inside"
27. Train wheels (rolling stock)showing the box to lub the axel 28. Offices in downtown Toronto. Choice of month and time was critical. 29. Example of a "wrapper" picture which makes the front and back cover of a publication 30. Indoor shoot for a Christmas cover 31. Street sign uncover when a building across from Eaton Centre was under restoration


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