Show and Tell 2003 - more shots of Dr Krugener Simplex

presented by Bill Kantymir

Here are a few more shots of Bill Kanymir's rare 1889 German detective camera, the Simplex by Dr. R. Krugener of Frankfurt, Germany. Contact Bill via phsc@phsc if you have any questions about this example of the late 1800s german camera technology.

One of Bill's references on the Simplex was Eaton Lothrop's 'A Century of Cameras'. Shown below is the cover and a sample page (detailing the Simplex) from the original 1973 edition of this book. The original book covers some 130 landmark cameras from the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House. While this edition is out of print, a revised and expanded edition covering 151 cameras is still available from various sites on the web including the publisher, Morgan & Morgan and Amazon etc.

Bill Kantymir with his Simplex

first edition, 1973
p. 55, Simplex-Magazin-Camera
top view of the Simplex, lens to the right front,side,top view with viewer hood up the very rare leather case that disguises the camera top view with the viewing hood raised
camera and case from top camera and case from side case with top off showing condition camera in hand -- note the holding strap on the bottom
Bill's hand gives you an idea of the petite size of the camera the removable rear cover showing the spring mechanism the operates the plate exchange magazine lifting the viewing hood camera tucked inside case with flap rotated to take a shot

The images were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 990 and adjusted and sized in Photoshop CS. Clicking an image will bring up an enlarged version. All images are copyright PHSC and may be used with permission. Questions? Please contact me at

Robert Carter

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