Our journal editor Robert Lansdale recently took this portrait of Mr Kish and a number of his film awards.

The statuette in the right forground is the Canadian Film Award for the Best Film Short. Mr Kish won this award for his work in a 1971 short "This is a Photograph".

The NFB lists some 31 films that Mr Kish has directed over the past 30 plus years including the 1989 film "Notman's World".

Born and educated in Hungary, Albert Kish was one of the many Hungarians to emigrate to Canada in the late 1950s. He worked for many years as a photographer and freelance film-maker. He spent three years with CBC Toronto, leaving in 1966 as senior film editor. He joined the National Film Board (Montreal) in 1967 for a long and distinguished career including directing and editing many award winning films.

Retiring from the NFB in 1997, Mr Kish travelled extensively in Asia and Europe. He resides in Toronto and his photographs are available through the Stephen Bulger Gallery.