Zeiss and Photography book goes on sale

Zeiss and Photography by Gubas 2015

Toronto. Larry Gubas has asked Petra Kellers at Camerabooks to discount his opus on the iconic Zeiss organization and its involvement in photography. This massive 7 pound book has letter size pages in full colour plus an added DVD containing items that missed the cut.

I presented a draft copy of the book at our Show and Tell back in December 2013. Detailed company history, stories of key players, advertisements, and more.

If you ever get ONE book on Zeiss, this is the one to have!  Larry spent years researching this book both in the USA and in Europe. With the discount dropping the price to $90US, the shipping can be covered and anyone interested in photographic history and the role of Zeiss can now own a copy. This is a LIMITED EDITION book so “time is of the essence” as the lawyers are fond of saying.

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