Zeiss and Photography book arrives in Toronto

ZaP-cover-smToronto. The first four copies of the book Zeiss and Photography arrived here this afternoon. It is a colourfully illustrated hard cover book of some 890 letter size pages weighing about seven and a quarter pounds a copy. The book includes a CD disk covering topics too small for the main book.

A copy of an index to the book is divided into “Important Personalities and Firms”, “Important Cameras”, and “Important Lenses” and is included separately.

Zeiss/Zeiss Ikon was and is a major player in photographic cameras and lenses. For this reason alone the book belongs in the library of everyone who collects cameras or has an interest in the history of photography.

Since Larry Gubas began writing this book, the Canadian dollar has dropped heavily compared to the American dollar. PHSC’s book price will reflect the fallen dollar once the shipping and retail invoices have been received. We lessened the impact a bit by shipping directly from the printer in Manitoba to Toronto. American viewers can contact Petra Kellers directly at camerabooks.com in Oregon to obtain a copy.

Meantime, I will do a new post as soon as we know the final price to PHSC members in Canada. Below is a sample of the colourful pages in this book.


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