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Earth Cam Panorama with Sony $25,000 camera

Toronto. Around year 2000, digital technology took off with sensors only a few mega pixels in size. Look what the whiz kids have done about two decades later!

Modern day smart phones use a 12 mp sensor plus a computer chip to increase image quality. My iPod Touch has only an 8 mp sensor plus a non optical zoom prime lens equivalent to a 35mm focal length. It has become my go to camera.

Technology has far outstripped this sensor – if you can anty up the bucks. For example, journal editor Bob Lansdale sent this link to an article on PetaPixel (a link sent to him by PHSC past president Les Jones).

The PetaPixel article, written by Jaron Schneider, is dated April 27, 2021 and titled, “This 120 Gigapixel Photo is the Largest of New York City Ever Taken“.

Read about the amazing Sony technology behind the huge panorama then click on the fully interactive Earth Cam site photo and zoom/scroll about to enjoy the huge image to the fullest.

Thanks to both gentlemen for sharing this discovery with me.

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