wow – home colour movies c 1936

ad introducing 8mmm Kodachrome in 1936

Toronto. A June 1936 ad in the American Cinematographer encouraged all amateur movie makers to buy the then revolutionary 8mm Kodachrome. For the wary, Kodak assured them no filters or special cameras or projectors were necessary – Just your regular Kodak 8mm gear.

This remarkable 8mm film was preceded just months earlier by the 16mm versions for daylight, and for tungsten (indoor or incandescent lighting). Kodak carefully avoided mention of the glacially slow speed of this amazing (and it was truly amazing) film. My first venture with 35mm Kodachrome transparencies some two decades later were mixed. The film by then was rated at ASA 10!

Thanks to that eagle-eyed photo historian and good friend, George Dunbar, for sharing this timely find with us. As you know, Kodachrome, so revolutionary in its day, was put to sleep at 75 years of age.

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