World News Day – May 4th

World News Day
May 4, 2018

Toronto. The Globe and Mail celebrated World News Day yesterday by highlighting a number of prestigious stories that unfolded over the past months. One such story called UNFOUNDED involves many people including victim Ava Williams. Click the icon at left for more and the link to World News Day above.

In this era of “fake news”, belief in social media  content, and a President south of us who finds honesty and integrity not a strong suit for him, the very idea of democracy is in question.

We forget the importance of honest reporting in a democracy. You lose one, you lose the other! And all too often the journalist and photo-journalist are subjected to a very high risk of fatal injury at the hands of those who want to keep truth secret.

As a society, we relate to all photographers including those who made a name in photo-journalism such as our Photographic Canadiana editor Bob Lansdale. Kudos to the Globe – and to journalists and photo-journalists one and all.

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