Winterize your camera? How quaint!

LIFE Magazine ad in 1968 for Sylvania flashcubes

Toronto. Smartphones have become the most common cameras today according to some social media outlets. Owners have no need to “winterize” or even repair their smartphones. Usually the battery wears out but long before that the current model becomes obsolete and is likely replaced.

Not so in the late 1960s when film was still popular. Sylvania ran the above ad in the November 22, 1968 issue of LIFE magazine to promote its line of flashcubes (one of many high quality flashcubes/bulbs). “Winterize” simply meant taking photos indoors during the cold months and using flashcubes, of course. So quaint! Film cameras did need periodic cleaning, ┬álubrication, and calibration. Like film, all cameras needed flash bulbs or flashcubes if their owners did not have electronic flash for night or indoors or fill flash purpose.

A tip of the historical cap to friend George Dunbar for sharing this bit of nostalgic advertisement with us.

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