where the girls are

Hannah Maynard’s studio in Victoria, 1888.

Toronto. Many photographers over the years were female, in spite of the majority being male. Some members have researched the history of women in photography, and occasionally given a presentation on the topic. Any discussion of women in photography brings to mind PHSC member Laura Jones who established the Baldwin Street gallery many years ago.

George Dunbar writes, “The latest issue of Canada’s History magazine (Aug/Sept, 2022) features the works of some of Canada’s earliest women photographers. Included are Alvira Lockwood, Mrs. Chauncey Miller, Elise L’Heureux Livernois and Hannah Maynard. Some great insights here for PHSC members.”

I can recall only Hannah Maynard, who was in business in BC with her husband and was the subject of a Photographic Canadiana article, and Elise L’Heureux Livernois of Quebec. I have a Livernois cabinet card and came across Elise while searching out information on the famous Quebec studio.

Thanks to my good friend for sharing this find with us.

Note: The title of this post is a riff on a song by Connie Francis called,”Where the Boys Are“. The song is from a movie of the same name, based on a book also of the same name.

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