what’s in YOUR collection?

PHSC member interest form

Toronto. When the PHSC was established back in 1974 the majority of members were camera (and lens) collectors.

While many collectors had an eclectic taste, others collected by maker (eg. Leica, Zeiss, Ernemann, Kodak, etc.), or by date or price or style, etc. Truly devoted collectors rose early each weekend to browse garage sales, bought tables at fairs, attended photographic auctions and societies. Once cherished items were sold when ones in better condition were discovered, or interest in an item waned.

To write articles and select speakers of interest to most members,  an interest form was prepared and later modified (the modified form is shown here).

Two decades later, about 15% of our members collected images. Today this has grown even more. Members also collect ephemera, books, studio items etc. Many current members are actively interested in photographic history, especially Canadian which tends to get overwhelmed by far louder interests in our world.

With the advent of digital, collecting cameras (other than truly rare, high end, etc.) has fallen by the wayside. Today, our members tend towards professionals in the industry, historians, students of photography, and collectors of images. Attendees at fairs look for vintage gear, things to expand a growing interest in film, things to furnish studios and augment user equipment – especially lenses and useable but older digital cameras.

NB. The title of this post is a riff on the very popular tag line “What’s in your Wallet?” used by the American company, Capital One, to flog credit cards in the States  and Canada.

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