whatever happened to Press King and its maker?

Toronto. At last month’s meeting – our annual Show and Tell – one of our members brought along his vintage Press King. The 4×5 camera has a Kalart rangefinder mounted on the side and a leaf shutter and lens on a metal lens board. The shutter -Copal- and lens – Prinz – are Japanese.

There is no sign the camera ever had a focal plane shutter. Every one I found on the internet had a different lens and leaf shutter mounted on a similar metal lens board. Some had the Kalart rangefinder, some had viewfinders, others flash guns. All had the wire sports finder.

It is clearly marked on the camera front as Made in Canada by B & W Manufacturing Co  Toronto. McKeown’s 11th edition suggests the camera was made for only three years, 1948 through 1950. A search of the internet shows nada about the maker, but lots of cameras for sale with pictures as well. The manufacturer is not credited with other products including cameras. Every site seems to repeat McKeown’s information. Any ideas? Drop me a note.

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