what the heck is THAT?

a 1902 Pope automobile driven by Dr Farmer arrives in Ancaster Township.

Toronto. Today, we take automobiles (a.k.a cars) for granted. But at the beginning of the last century cars were a novelty seldom seen outside cities.  Around 1902, an automobile visited Ancaster Township in Ontario (Hamilton area).  It was the first automobile to ever visit the township.

The vehicle was a Pope, made by a firm based in Hartford Connecticut and driven by it’s owner, Dr . George Farmer. Look carefully at the photograph. Just imagine the number of words it would take to describe the children, the driver, the automobile details, and the locale.

Once again we can easily see the value photographers brought to history, augmenting the text with visual presentations. This particular photograph is courtesy of the Hamilton Public Library archives.

And a big ‘thank you’ to our good friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar for offering the link to the HPL archives. Remember, collectors of photographs and photo historians, don’t overlook your local archives and their potential wealth of information and photos.

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