what the heck is an Eholt?

Eholt BC faded photo. Click for corrected version by R. Lansdale

Toronto. Well, as it turns out, Eholt is a ghost town miles east of Vancouver in BC. The little railway town was founded in the late 1800s. It survived until 1948, when the local post office closed, leaving the last 17 residents to their fate. Nothing remains today except a roadside plaque, memories, and the odd faded photograph.

At our Vol. 2 Zoom and Tell this month, Dr Irwin Reichstein in Ottawa, told a tale of finding an old faded print of the tiny town and using Photoshop to increase the contrast and detail showing the buildings, trains, people and even laundry hanging on a line. Our editor, Bob Lansdale used a high resolution scan from Dr Reichstein to adjust the contrast and detail once more using separate levels for the three channels (R, G, B) giving the detail you can see by clicking on the thumbnail at left.

Thanks to both Dr Irwin Reichstein and editor Lansdale for this remarkable photograph and its practical restoration by Photoshop using two different methods.

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