what the deuce is a duex?

Kodak Duex c1940

Toronto. In the days of film, Kodak was well known for its many inexpensive cameras. Kodak made its money by the sale of film and other materials. The cheap but sturdy cameras were great film burners! This inexpensive camera was only made in 1940-42. By swapping a front plate it could say “MADE IN U.S.A.” or “MADE IN CANADA” as this one does.

The Duex uses 620 film and has an f/11 doublet lens mounted in a bakelite helical telescoping front. This example is courtesy of member Mark Singer, who collects cameras badged as Kodak Canada, and as made in Canada or Toronto. Mark brought this one – complete with its original box – to our 2019 Show and Tell meeting last December (before this nasty pandemic hit us in full force closing the Memorial Hall).

The little Kodak was also mentioned in our Journal Vol 38-2 when it was part of a story of Stan White and his collection.

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