what goes around …

Christopher Creighton and his cameras, shown holding a Kodak #4 panorama camera recently obtained from our past president, Les Jones

Toronto. … comes around. The cirkut cameras must be very attractive to collectors – I have about 10 posts on them. Wednesday, November 16th, we had an interesting presentation on Cirkut and Panoramic cameras and Cirkut kits by Christopher Creighton.

Chris is a practical USER of the cameras, not a collector as such. Lacking a technical background, he relies on the tried and true technique of experimentation until excellent results are obtained.

I learned a lot from Mr Creighton’s talk and the subsequent Q&A session. For example using the black PVC pipes for development tubes; three right angle elbows make a tube light tight; night vision glasses let you load film in complete dark; BUT the glasses must use illumination BELOW the sensitivity curve of the film (many films are IR sensitive); Cirkut cameras have an adjustment for the slit (amount of exposure) on the back; a kit lets you use the camera as a regular camera in the studio by swapping backs and removing the geared tripod assembly; the number and model numbers of the many cameras offered by Kodak; what models were preferred here and in the USA by photographers.

Chris displayed cutting jigs, how to join end papers in the dark,  where to source materials, etc. We hope to have the presentation up on our youtube channel soon for easy access from this web site.

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