What Camera Settings Should I Use for Nighttime Photos?

Night Shot by Harry Guinness to illustrate his article

Toronto. Remember Life Savvy and How-to Geek in a post the other day? Well, here’s another article by Harry Guinness, from April 10 of last year (2019), this time on ideas to use with the more traditional style of digital cameras with interchangeable lenses.

In film days, nighttime shots demanded a tripod and slow speeds (a fast lens would help). Media of the time was super fast at ISO 800, and usually ISO 400 tops unless “pushed” in development. I remember doing hand held indoor photos under florescent lighting using ASA 400 Tri-X at 1/25th of a second with a lens setting of f/2.

Right into the mid last century you had to use black and white film for any speed at all – colour films were less than ISO 100 for the most part. My last venture using film and my Leica was in 2002 and by then colour print film was offered at a fast ISO 800.  Nevertheless, it would be considered a very modest ISO rating today – even my now old Sony NEX-6 takes decent colour shots with acceptable noise levels at ISO 3200.

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