we are all amateurs in something

Thomas Bradt, Amateur Photographer – glass plates 1904-1910

Toronto. In the 1960s, my physics professor, Dr S___ came in one Monday morning with a very raspy voice. Being unfamiliar with alcohol, hangover remedies, or over the counter medication, he had picked up some Bromo-Seltzer tablets to ease a throbbing headache.

If he had followed the instructions, one of the rather large pills would have been dissolved in a glass and then the fizzy water consumed. Unfamiliar as he was, he had attempted to swallow a pill but it stuck in his throat. Unthinkingly, he quickly drank a glass of water to wash it down. The pill immediately frothed and fizzed nearly suffocating the young man. Fortunately, by the time I had my afternoon lecture, his voice and throat were back to normal and we had another great lecture.

Dr David Kenny recently wrote and published a book on  amateur photography illustrated with photos taken by Thomas W Bradt in 1904-1910. Dr Kenny writes, “It was my intention that the ebook would be available under the PHSC Press section as a free download for anyone … . I have licensed it under a Creative Commons license allowing free download, attribution, non commercial, no derivatives. This way members of other camera clubs can access it.”   

The pdf version was recently sent to our members as a free bonus. A hard copy is available directly from Blurb. If you only need an electronic version and intend to use it under the Creative Commons guidelines, download it via our  PRESS menu item above.

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