Trouble Finding Photo or Camera Collector Societies?

A bear checks out a Franklin Auto looking for camera collectors (in Yellowstone Park c1925). Courtesy of the Graflex Quarterly.

Toronto. Our society (PHSC) has been in continuous operation for over 43 years. We are fortunate to have an enthusiastic and talented core of people willing to volunteer and do much of the heavy lifting. We offer monthly meetings (except – you guessed it – July and August), fairs, auctions, evaluations and education.

There are also many societies around the world. Some specialize in a particular size or make of camera, while others focus on photographs. Many groups are exchange members with the PHSC meaning we get their publications in exchange for ours.

For example, Ken Metcalfe of publishes this delightful Graflex Journal (download 2017-1 here). Included in this issue are articles by Nick Graver, David Bridge. and Marty Magid – past and present PHSC members.

Besides those interested in Graflex and other classic and large scale cameras, we have  journal exchanges with such folks as the Daguerreian Society, devoted to the very first published photographic process and  the Photographic Historical Society – originally a very small Rochester group known as the earliest of the photographic historical societies and famous world wide for its symposia every three years.

The Photographic Historical Society of New England publish Snap Shots and the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain,  publish the Tailboard.

Some groups are regional, like the Western Canada Photographic Historical Association (WCPHA) in Vancouver, BC and the European Society for the History of Photography (ESHPh) in Europe. Many more groups exchange newsletters and journals with us as well. If you are looking for a society to join, drop us an email -the PHSC  (or one of our exchange groups) may suit you perfectly.


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