to hell and back

first TH&B train to arrive at Dundas, Ontario Station (1895) – courtesy of Hamilton Public Library Archives

Toronto. In the heady days of railway travel there were many railroads operating. On such railroad was the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railroad with headquarters in Hamilton. My friend’s grandfather and father called it the “To Hell and Back” railroad. His grandfather was a tinsmith working for the Grand Trunk/ Canadian National Railroad, a competitor to the mighty CPR which absorbed TH&B.  I met him as a little kid and like all grandfathers, he was a font of fascinating stories.

In pursuit of Canadian photographic history, George Dunbar came across the Hamilton Public Library Archives and this photograph of the little Canadian TH&B railroad line showing the first train in the Dundas (just by Hamilton) station in 1895.

In pursuing photographic history, be sure to check out your local archives, museums, and libraries as well as this wonderful resource in nearby Hamilton.

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