they’re coming! they’re coming!

ad in LIFE magazine

Toronto. In this case, it was the Japanese camera makers who moved on to America and Europe after the Korean War. They slowly eliminated both American and most German makers of film cameras.

In the latter part of the last century, companies from Japan, like Nikon worked hard to expand market share with ostensively better quality and features than the competition. And it worked. No American and few European camera makers are still around. Even today in spite of the aggressive onslaught of digital technology. Nikon, Canon, and Sony exist (although I suspect smartphones are taking a heavy toll).

Thanks to good friend George Dunbar who suggested this ad from the December 5, 1969 issue (p 97) of LIFE magazine when Nikon was busy pushing into the movie market. Note: the Nikon optical house began as a strong local maker of microscopes and now sells them world-wide.

This post title is a riff on the mad-cap 1966 Cinemascope comedy “The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming” produced and directed by Canadian, Norman Jewison.

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