the way we were

A quiet-looking King Street, Saint John, NB, circa 1870, Canada from the LAC in Ottawa courtesy Daily Mail article ERRATA: Shown as Toronto initially, not Saint John. 

Toronto. Back on July 1st, 2017 Alice Evans wrote an article featuring photographs from 1867 and a few years later to show how we looked around confederation.

The photos and article appeared in the Daily Mail. The title of the article is a bit long winded: “Birth of a nation: On Canada Day fascinating photographs show how the wild untamed country looked when it first came into being in 1867“.

In those pre-COVID days of 2017, we had a program celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of our country.

In any case, connect to this link at the Daily Mail website and see, “the way we were”. My thanks go to George Dunbar for sourcing and sharing this article from a few years ago.

ERRATA: Trish J writes, ” I went to the Library Archives of Canada’s website and did a search for King Street, Saint John, NB”.

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