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Slow Photography by Dennis Minty

Toronto. In the days of film, shots cost money so the prudent photographer was careful to crop, frame, and expose at just what Cartier- Bresson called, “the decisive moment”.  In this book, “Slow Photography –  Images with Intent” Dennis Minty of Newfoundland and Labrador takes us back to that time in Photography eschewing the “10 is good so 100 must be better” mindset of the average digital snap shooter and smart phone user.

Dennis Minty, out on the Rock, writes of his ebook, “Slow Photography, Images with Intent represents Dennis Minty’s thoughts after more than fifty years experience as a photographer, with twenty-five as a professional.

“Slow photography is an attitude, an approach, a philosophy and a methodology. It’s about slowing down, being thoughtful and reflective, considerate and intentional. It strives towards authenticity and connection and transforms photography from reflex to ritual.

“‘With slow photography, we hone our compositions and try to make our images personal, more a reflection of who we are and what we care about…Slow photography goes beyond the impulse to record, to the need to feel more deeply.’

“Minty describes and illustrates why slow photography is important both to the images we create and to our personal contentment. He explains how to go about it so that any shooting experience brings long-lasting fulfilment, and he provides simple exercises that reinforce the ideas behind slow photography. Almost ever one of the 240 pages holds one or more photos carefully chosen both for visual impact and for their utility at illustrating the ideas behind slow photography. This book is for anyone who enjoys photography either as a viewer or as a practitioner.”

While Dennis asks for a modest fee for the pdf file, he offers a preview for those of us who like to ‘kick the tires’. Here’s the link to see a preview:


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