the tin man

Joseph Wyman Brown by Mitchell Clark of The Verge

Toronto.  “You can even mail them…” This was a big advantage for tintypes in the days when most ‘likenesses’ were glass encased. Joseph Wyman Brown uses the wet plate process to create authentic modern day tintype portraits. An article by  on The Verge website discusses Brown and the techniques he uses to create portraits right out of the 19th century.

Have a read and see what Brown is doing today with that 19th century technology. Note that over the years we too have had various local tintype photographers speaking at our meetings. One, Yvette Bessels, was even on the executive until she and her husband moved on to Spain.

A big warm thank goes to well known camera repairman (retired) and PHSC member, Russ Forfar, who sent me this piece via email. The post title reflects the article name for Joseph Brown as well as a riff on a 1934 movie called “The Thin Man“.

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