the perfect bid

a very rare, most expensive ever camera – courtesy Leitz Photographica Auction

Toronto. This post is courtesy of Sonja Pushchak. It involves a bid in an Austrian auction reported in a British society’s newsletter (Tailboard). The post title is a riff on the movie, “The  Perfect Storm” were the forces of mother nature come together with an  exciting effect.

Similarly, the bid for Oskar Barnack’s Leica resulted in the tiny marvel becoming the most highly priced camera ever (so far). Provenance, rarity, fame, (very) deep pockets, great desire and a feisty audience (both live and via phone) culminated in this 12 million Euro bid for Leica null series camera 105 – Barnack’s personal camera!

When you think back to the modest original cost of this Leica, the bid is astonishing. Few collectors can afford the bid++ price of this one piece. Leica series 0, number 105 – often photographed, seldom passed from one home to another.


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