The Faraway Nearby exhibit at Ryerson

NYT Photo Archive – Rudolph P Bratty Family Collection, Ryerson University.  On exhibit until Dec 10, 2017

Toronto. In the Globe Arts last Saturday (September 16th) an aricle covered the recently opened exhibit at Ryerson Image Centre called The Faraway Nearby. This exhibit features some 200 photographs of Canadian subjects contained in the nearly 25,000 New York Times Archive photographs acquired by Ryerson University courtesy of the  generous donation by the Bratty family. (When I attended university in the 1960s, my room-mate bought the Saturday Times, a massive edition of the NYT newspaper taking all weekend to read.)

The exhibit, now open, runs to December 10th of this year.  The photo at left is the Canadian women’s Olympic speed-skating team at Lake Placid NY in 1932. The print still shows the NYT crop lines in red! Click on it to see a larger view.

If for some unfathomable reason you will miss this exhibit (or even if you do take it in), drop by the PHSC’s Toronto meeting at our regular North York Library location this coming January and hear the details of the behind-the-scenes curating on this exhibit by Denise Birkhofer of Ryerson.

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