the end of an era in journalism

Editor Bob Lansdale with his Nikon and Leica M in 1982 (courtesy of son Robert)

Toronto. Our journal editor died at 2 am Tuesday (yesterday). Bob Lansdale was 90 years old. He was a valued member of the PHSC and a personal friend. The images below are courtesy of his eldest son, Robert.

Bob joined the society in the membership year of 1985. Once he finished editing and producing his late wife’s book of selected columns that she wrote for the publications of the PPO/PPOC, he collaborated with then editor, the late EvRoseborough, to learn the structure and distribution of Photographic Canadiana.

In January, 1997 Bob became editor with issue 22-4. He continued as editor right up to his death with the pdf  publication of issue 47-2 just a few days ago – over 100 issues edited making Bob the longest running editor of Photographic Canadiana to date.

While editor, Bob expanded his network and encouraged others (including members) to write articles addressing mainly photographic history in Canada. In November 2001 he produced his first pdf newsletter to address the need for a means to report timely events between issues of the journal and to solve the cost of colour images on paper.

The newsletter was later turned over to David Bridge and then to Sonja Pushchak and husband John Morden. Sonja renamed the newsletter as PHSC News. Focus was shifted slightly to breezy one pagers but it remains today the central vehicle for announcing PHSC events. PHSC News and its predecessor have been produced continuously. The newsletter was most recently published in June 2021 with issue 21-02.

The pictures that follow are courtesy of Bob’s son, Robert who was a guest speaker at the PHSC in Toronto in June, 2016.

Bob Carter and Bob Lansdale checking the Postal Zones Vol 44-4

President Clint Hryhorijiw and Editor Bob Lansdale deliver an issue to Gateway in Mississauga

Editor Lansdale celebrates his goal of the 100th issue he produced

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