the dawn of electronic flash for everyone

Braun Hobby Flash c1956

Toronto. In the 1950s the Braun Hobby flash was touted as the cheap solution for everyone with a camera synced for flash and with an adjustable shutter. George Dunbar sent me this March 1956 Popular Photography ad by Leitz for the Braun Hobby. In 1956, the astonishingly popular Leica M3 was just two years old and featured both a built-in flash socket (non standard) and was synchronized for electronic flash. It seemed to be made for the Braun Hobby!

To keep the price down, the Braun Hobby was sold without a camera cable, or battery and could work with either a tiny lead-acid battery or dry cells (a slower option) or on any AC outlet. To  complement my Exakta VXIIa, I bought a used Ultrablitz Reporter II which was far more expensive, versatile and powerful than the Braun Hobby.

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