thanks, Helen

Agnes and child taken in studio by W Marshall (Artist) of Guelph on Oct 26 1869

Toronto. The CDV is roughly a large size business card with a photo mounted on thick card stock. Studios produced them in the 1850s/1860s by the dozens. People sent them to friend and relatives but few identified the person and the date. Helen Galt of Guelph, Ontario was different, She dated the CDVs and often added the name of the sitter. This example was taken about 2 years after Canada West became Ontario.

Helen may have emigrated from Glasgow as some of my CDVs signed by Ms Galt were taken in a Glasgow studio. Once the market for CDVs began to be saturated, photographers moved on to larger size cards and photos like Cabinet Cards.

From a historical point of view not only is the location and photographer of interest, but also the name of the sitter and most importantly, the date the likeness was taken. Thanks, Helen!

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