taking a bite in the big apple

eating high on the hog

Toronto. This photo was taken in 1932 by an unknown photographer,  It shows a bunch of skyscraper workers sitting out in space along a girder as they eat lunch high above NYC at a time when many skyscrapers were being built. Some buildings used Iroquois from Canada to do this daring work. Modern day Safety rules would ban such derring do.

The photo is selected by TIME magazine as one of 100 all time most influential photographs. I did a similar post from this series in June of 2019 on Edgerton and his electronic flash experiments.

In both cases, a big thank you goes to my friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar, who is pursuing his interest in photographic history from retirement. As many know, George is a photographer and videographer in his own right (and a speaker, writer, and contributor to the PHSC).


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