taking a bigger slice of the pie

Kodak ad in the May 7, 1971 LIFE magazine

Toronto. Post war, every company in the photographic  industry worked hard to gain a bigger market share. Kodak, as shown by this LIFE ad from the May 7, 1971 issue (p 65), grouped all the hot button ideas into one bundle and then touted a special deal.

You can see the ‘all thumbs’ amateur gets top billing: Save money? Check. Colour film? Check. Instamatic film cartridge? Check. New camera to use new technologies in a ‘for dummies’ environment? Check. Battery-less flash cubes? Check. Carrying case? Check. Album? Check. Big package to take up shelf space? Check.

An amazing number of consumer issues and wishes covered, all in one ad – even a new catch phrase! An eye-grabbing way to introduce a new camera – Instamatic X-15.

My thanks to good friend and fellow photo historian for sharing his finds with us! Well done George.


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