take ’em … make ’em

1954 ad shows a way to use a camera between snap shot sessions

Toronto. Smartphone users likely never bothered with film, photo paper, gooey darkroom stuff, etc. But at one time it was the only way to take and make photos.

For the frugal amongst us back then, photographic manufacturers from time to time offered ways to combine both camera and enlarger so one device served both functions.

Turn the (camera/enlarger) head to face a wall and really big (area) papers can be used.  Turn the head back down, add a bellows or extension tube set plus film back and the ‘enlarger’ becomes a 1:1 copy camera!

The advent of a cold light head made such combination gadgets more practical than ever. This ad by Graflex shows their way mid last century to make a camera/enlarger combination for the frugal minded photographer.

A hearty thank you goes to good friend George Dunbar for sourcing and sharing this bit of photo history from the October, 1954 issue of Popular Mechanics!

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