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lighting up history

Toronto. Around a century ago and earlier, cameras used glass plates to hold the sensitive media. Since the luminance values were reversed, the image on the plate was a negative. To view the image you needed an educated eye, and … Continue reading

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A more than fair review by video

Toronto. Mark Holtz dropped by our fair on October 15th with his little daughter. Mark took the next couple of weeks and edited the video he shot at our show and posted to YouTube. Thanks for the review, Mark! Louise … Continue reading

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a projector for the common man

Toronto.  Back on September 27th my friend George Dunbar suggested those who own a smartphone (most people) can now buy and make a projector. George wondered if we had heard of such a gadget. Short answer, no! Since we are … Continue reading

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Undeveloped WW2 Film Discovered

Toronto. My friend, PHSC member, photographer, and fair exhibitor, Harold Staats, sent me an email the end of last month with a link to a YouTube video describing the latest rescued film project – a whopping 31 rolls of 616 … Continue reading

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