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getting it there

Toronto. I received further material on Women in the Air late on the 5th. George Dunbar sent me this photo and link. It ties in nicely with an American story of similar female pilots ferrying aircraft on the West coast … Continue reading

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flight history

Toronto. I have made earlier posts about how history has been helped by photography. Recently I was reminded of this fact by a note from my good friend George Dunbar. George writes, “Some interesting book titles listed here for those … Continue reading

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about the distaff side …

Toronto. Since the beginning of photography, the vast majority of photographers have been male. Rare exceptions have occurred such as Julia Margaret Cameron in the mid 1800s (she was one of the portrait photographers presented by the late Gerry Loban). … Continue reading

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a little thanks

Toronto. … goes a long way. March 8th was International Woman’s Day. PHSC celebrated on the day via Instagram. Our fav magazine editor, Rita Godlevskis of PhotoEd, celebrated IWD with this message celebrating all the women who have helped her … Continue reading

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you think you have it tough ….

. This photograph was taken in Appalachia way back in 1914 by William Barnhill. It shows impoverished women forced to be household drudges and field hands, aging to old hags within a few short years of the heavy labour. To … Continue reading

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where the girls are

Toronto. We have fought for many kinds of equality over the years. One kind is gender equality. Before retiring almost 30 years ago, I watched Bell struggle to improve gender equality. Recently, our federal government bravely formed a senior group … Continue reading

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women photographers

Toronto. With all the current action here (our federal government) and in the states (#metoo movement), it seemed appropriate to look at women photographers. Georege Dunbar sourced out this collection housed in the National Gallery of Australia. The picture he … Continue reading

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PHSC News 16-6

Toronto. Editor David Bridge has issued another pdf newsletter in the new format. Much of the content was created by Sonja Pushchak and John Morden. The links are thanks to Louise Freyburger and the notes on the Braun Paxette and … Continue reading

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