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weegee the famous

Toronto. Anyone out there who hasn’t heard of Weegee? Arthur Fellig and his trusty Speed Graphic haunted the streets of New York City mid last Century. He was busy beating cops and firemen to the scene and taking newspaper shots … Continue reading

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spoofing photographers

Toronto. The old LIFE magazine had a column titled “speaking of pictures”. In its June 22, 1953 edition, LIFE presented would-be photographer George Goodman in this column. Goodman’s claim to fame was the marvellous series of skits he shot portraying … Continue reading

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Weegee in comics

Toronto. Arthur Fellig was a cigar smoking, messy, rumpled NYC night crime scene  photographer in the 1930s and 40s. He was the subject of many articles as a Speed Graphic camera toting shameless self promotor. Now he has been immortalized … Continue reading

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PHSC News 16-10

Toronto. Editor Sonja Pushchak has produced another scrumptious edition of our favourite newsletter. The lead story features Weegee and the pulp fiction covers of yesteryear. This is followed by a notice of our meeting presentation this month by Norm Rosen … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor – Weegee

Toronto.  On October 21st, I wrote a post on Weegee. To my surprise, it resulted in this letter to the editor by my friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar. George has a theory regarding the nickname Weegee, but it has nothing … Continue reading

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Weegee: Murder is My Business

Toronto. Arthur Fellig was a New York City photographer famous for his flash shots of crime scenes and his often arrival at a crime scene before the authorities (hence his nickname of Weegee, a phonetic version of Ouija Board. James … Continue reading

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