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a view from above

Toronto. When the novel Leica camera took off in the 1930s, Leitz created a plethora of accessories to allow the tiny marvel to be used for almost every photographic task. Years earlier, folders and box cameras used a viewfinder where … Continue reading

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marks the spot

Toronto. After the end of the war, all camera makers used marketing to try to increase market share. Even the most trivial difference between camera makers was touted as an amazing breakthrough. For example, Argus chose the viewfinder of their … Continue reading

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points of view

Toronto. Cameras of the last century tended to make a particular point of view easier. Cameras with rangefinders usually took an eye level view. Those with vertical viewfinders like some Kodaks and the famous TLRs took waist level shots – … Continue reading

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Leica, you say – LHSA

Toronto, In the early 1980s when I was treasurer and Ron Anger president of the national PHSC society, at an executive meeting held at the home of Ron and Ellen Anger, I was surprised to learn of the existence of … Continue reading

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what the heck is a WINTU?

Toronto. A popular means of disguising a camera is to take a photo at right angles to your position. This was often done with still camera viewers in the late 1800s and early 1900s. One such right angle viewfinder was … Continue reading

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