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holy, holy, holy

Toronto. In Scotland, the word ‘Kirk’ means church. Last century in the Bronx, it meant a very talented Armenian photographer christened Kourken Hovsepian and his Studio. At the February, 2021 meeting, we saw the finished version of “Photos by Kirk” … Continue reading

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spot on

Toronto. One big difference between amateur photographs, and those made by professionals and advanced amateurs, was illumination. Indoors, the professional went to great lengths to illuminate his subject bringing out the nuances of its very existence whether a human, an … Continue reading

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how to be a pro for under $100…

Toronto. In 1959, this ad in LIFE magazine suggested you too could take professional photos if you only doled out $72.75 in USD for a Polaroid camera! For example the ad shows a portrait study of two famous actors of … Continue reading

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a hoot at the boot – our 8th trunk sale

Toronto. Bob Lansdale gave me a call last week to see if I was going to the trunk sale Sunday. I agreed to go and Bob suggested if we arrived around 10am that would be great. I picked Bob up … Continue reading

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a tip of the hat to professionals

Toronto. LIFE magazine back on May 21, 1951 published an advertisement by Ansco on page 95 encouraging families to get a professional portrait taken – using Ansco products, of course. For reasons best known by the Ansco advertising agency, the … Continue reading

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