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tiny, I can see you

Toronto. The makers of rangefinder cameras such as the Leica went to great lengths with accessories to allow the cameras to be used for any photographic project. On page 85 of the April 1951 Popular Photography magazine, Leitz NY ran … Continue reading

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stretching it

Toronto. In 1951, Leitz offered a Universal Focussing Bellows (Bellows I). This bellows worked with the 13.5cm lens head and Visoflex mirror box to make photographs from infinity down to 1:1. A 5cm lens head and the focoslide focussed from … Continue reading

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mirror, mirror

Toronto. Leitz is a perfectionist company. The original screw mount and bayonet mount rangefinder cameras used a rangefinder (RF) focussing mechanism. This RF was most accurate for 13.5cm lenses and shorter. In 1935, Leitz introduced the Telyt 20cm lens and … Continue reading

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An odd Leitz cable release

Toronto. Leitz with its Leica series cameras long felt that a rangefinder was better than an SLR camera for the majority of photographic activities. The SLR style or ground glass through the lens focussing was superior (in their opinion) solely … Continue reading

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