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the shadow knows…

Toronto. I remember as a child of seven or eight listening to radio dramas. One was called “The Shadow” and  his alter ego, “Lamont Cranston”. Like Cranston, the tell of a flash photograph with the flash gun mounted on a … Continue reading

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shine a light on me 2

M2 PowerMite flash bulb ad in LIFE magazine Toronto. In the 1950s one big opportunity was assisting amateurs to make night or indoor shots. General Electric (GE) was well respected at the time for manufacturing light bulbs. They saw two … Continue reading

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those were the days.

Toronto. In 1958 Leitz came out with the Leica M2 shown at left. This was four years after the popular M3 and following tradition, the M2 was less expensive with fewer features than the M3. But most importantly, it had … Continue reading

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