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bye bye flashbulb guy

Toronto. The 1960s were pretty much the last decade for flashbulbs. They weren’t killed by fast Polaroid film as the Polaroid ad implies, but by cheap electronic flash. The electronic flash was pricier up front, but in use, it was … Continue reading

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a long shot

Toronto. I saw this Exakta ad long ago. In fact, it was part of my mental background making me decide to go for an Exakta decades ago back before I was married, or a father.  The big selling point was … Continue reading

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duck! …bang …finito!

Toronto.  Years ago,  Dr Edgerton of MIT revolutionized the art of photography by using high speed flash to record mundane events in a fraction of a split second.  In the late 1950s, I bought a used Ultrablitz Reporter IIL. The … Continue reading

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in Vitessa we trust

Toronto. On the eve of being absorbed by the mighty Zeiss organization, Voigtlander marketed a number of cameras featuring their lenses plus some unique operating features. The series called Vitessa from the 1950s was one such series. The earlier versions … Continue reading

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