stormy weather

threatening storm clouds about a decade ago

Toronto. Image collectors have a great many images from daguerreotype portraits on. One genre of eye-catching images is that of landscapes in inclement weather  – be it rain, snow, wind, threatening clouds, etc.

An otherwise mundane subject can be transformed by the threat of bad weather. I was reminded of this today after driving home in rather windy sunshine. Looking out the kitchen window, I saw a sudden snow squall with visibility totally erased – just as predicted by the weather forecast.

Have a look through your collection and see those landscapes that benefit from stormy weather. And remember to circle May 5th for our spring auction. We can’t promise any ‘stormy photos’ but you may find both images and equipment to attract your taste in the lots offered. Check the right side of this site for details. A post will be added closer to May 5th with the usual slide show of lots…

Note about post title: “Stormy Weather” is the name of a 1933 song sung here by Etta James. My recording of the song is by Jo Stafford.

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