still into analogue (a.k.a. film)?

Celebrating three decades of Lomography

Toronto. After nearly 20 years of serious digital technology, many folks still enjoy the mystique of analogue (film). The folks at Lomography know this! For 30 years now they have offered cameras and films for the niche enthusiast.

A recent flyer from Lomography, courtesy of Brigit Buchart, says in part, ” 30 Years of Lomography, Exposed!  Over the coming year, we’re going to be holding exciting events and releasing even more new products to celebrate our anniversary!

“To kick things off, we’re asking Lomographers and everyone around the globe to get involved and tell us why they still love shooting film via our new survey – 30 Reasons For Analogue: “.

So if you shoot film today, use the above link and join in on the fun. As we hear of the new products, we will try to post a notice here.

P.S. Visit our auction on December 17th and see if you can score some films or film cameras!

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