squaring the circle

1952 ad for the American made TLR called the Ciro-flex

Toronto. When collectors think of TLR design, they usually think ‘Rollei’. Other firms also made cameras in the TLR design. Most of these cameras seem to follow Rollei in general layout and style.

To hop on the minicam bandwagon, the famous professional camera maker of ‘Graflex’ fame bought up a small American competitor who made and sold the Ciro-flex cameras. Graflex advertised the economic TLR line as “How to take the guess out of picture-taking” in its April 1952 Popular Mechanics ad.

My thanks to my good friend and fellow photo-historian, George Dunbar, for suggesting this idea and providing the ad from Popular Mechanics.

I think of the post title as a TLR format (square) and the ‘circle of confusion‘ (circle). The mathematical meaning is explained by the wikipedia article. Loosely, it means to join two things usually thought to be mutually exclusive.

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