yp_studiopicToronto. Our special studio auction is coming up fast! It will be held this Saturday at Yamada Photo, unit 5, 7065 Pacific Circle in Mississauga, Just South-West of Derry Road and Tomkin.

The auction features our auctioneer and past president Lewko (Clint) Hryhorijiw. There will be lots of professional gear – lights, backdrops, tripods, cameras, easels, lights, trays, lenses etc. Only a few items will have a reserve bid.

Sorry, no walk-in lots can be accepted for this special auction. Come out and support our society this Saturday as we raise funds for the PHSC. Questions? Drop Clint a note at auction@phsc.ca.

We will be using the following modified Studio Auction information for the event. 


Auction Preview 9:00am – 10:00am  *   Auction Starts 10:00am


Lots will be auctioned off in a random order at the discretion of the auctioneer.

BUYER’S PREMIUM of 5% (five percent) is in effect during this PHSC Auction

Payment by CASH ONLY will be accepted for auction items.

BIDDERS are required to register by completing the Bidder Registration form and obtaining a bidder card. During the auction, only bids placed via the bidder card will be accepted.

Carefully inspect the auction items before the auction begins. All items are FINAL SALE AND SOLD AS IS. Neither the PHSC nor its auction team is responsible for the condition or description of items offered in this auction.

Each auction item will be handed to the winning bidder who then assumes full responsibility for the item. Items can only be removed from the studio after payment.

Sellers who intend to bid on items must register as bidders. The PHSC auction team members may bid on offered items.


NOTE: this is primarily a NO RESERVE auction. The few RESERVE ITEMS will be clearly noted before the auction begins.

The PHSC auction team AUCTIONEER’S decision is FINAL in all disputes.


1. Click here .
2. Click the first icon to see a sample of the items to be auctioned. 
3. Click any image for an enlarged view

Clint has provided the following exciting details:

Studio closing event.
A few lots have a low, reasonable reserve, but over 90% of the items have NO RESERVE. Building is sold – everything must go.
Many, many photo-related items from a wedding, portrait and commercial studio in existence since 1947.
Also: office furniture; props: columns, first communion kneeler, rocks, blocks, plastic plants, fireplace mantel piece, French doors, window frames and matt board;

Canon XL-1 Hi-8 video camera outfit;
large assortment of seamless paper backgrounds, 5’ and longer; approx. 4’ x 5’ Fletcher matt cutter; industrial warehouse step ladder; Sallmetal 32” cold laminator, Hermes engraver, huge quantity of DF album covers, pages, inserts, etc.; spray booth fume hood;

Technographic ceiling-mounted rail system; Bowens moonlights 400CX’ Profoto moonlights; Broncolor cine stands; Manfrotto cine stands; large Manfrotto booms; Ascor studio strobes, two motorized background roller systems; quantity of expired 120 film; 2 Denny’s muslin backdrops; Polaroid passport cameras; Canon EOS 650 body, 28-135 and 28-80 lenses;
Gralab timers; Omega D5 enlarger; Beseler Dichro 45 enlarger; darkroom trays (up to 20×24); water temperature control unit; darkroom lights; roll paper cutter; bulbs; Kodak anti-static machine;
easels, posters; cabinets, office tables, filing cabinets; track lights; trimmers, paper cutters; 8×10 display booth; neon display;
MacBeth colour-calibrated D5000 light box; portable table-top darkroom/change bag; quantity of light stands and tripods;
EPS front projection system;
double column camera stand; 4’ – 6’ – 10’ Linhof camera stand; 8.5’ Cambo camera stand; 4’ Cambo camera stand;
6×7 roll film backs for 4×5 camera; ladders; quantity of frames; 

View camera lenses: Rodestock Sironar 360 f8 in Compur shutter, Komura 210 f6.3 in Copal 1 shutter, Rodenstock Sironar 210 f5.6 in Compur 1 shutter, Rodenstock 180 f5.6 in Syncro Compur shutter;

large format cameras and accessories: Sinar F1, Calumet 8×10, Sinar P2, extra standard bellows, bag bellows, Copal shutter, light meter back, centre filter III, extension rail, extra standard;

Cameras: Bronica ETR outfit with 120 back and 75 MC lens, 50MC lens, 150 MC lens, 3 220 backs, 2 120 backs, and accessories, Mamiya RB body and prism; Mamiya 645 Sekor C lenses, PhaseOne digital back for 4×5,and more.

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