somethin’ flashy

Ad in Jan 1941 Electronics magazine for flash synchronizer insulation materials

Toronto. Did you ever hear of the ‘National Vulcanized Fibre Company’ (NVFC)? Neither did I. However, parts using that company’s products played a key role in the use of flash in photography.

A number of companies in the early 1940s through 1950s sold specialized gizmos that synchronized the shutter release and flash triggering. These gizmos used the special insulation products provided in bulk to factories by companies like NVFC.

The camera maker usually sold flash guns (also made with these special insulation products) as accessories, while lens makers added built-in leaf shutters that included a flash trigger and connector. Remember, this was in the era of discrete components (usually big enough for all to see and hand hold).

This ad on page 48 of the January 1941 Issue of Electronics magazine was sent to me by my good friend George Dunbar who discovered it while perusing old magazines for photographically historic material.

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