some say film …

prints from film negatives featured in PhotoEd magazine

Toronto. … others say analog (or analogue). But whatever you call the old emulsion and liquid chemistry-based photography, the prints have a certain je ne sais quoi charm and look about them.

Our favourite editor, Rita Godlevskis, at PhotoEd sent me a note recently discussing her plans for this excellent magazine  (founded and created by Felix Russo – we advertise in the magazine, too).

Browse Rita’s note as sent by MailChimp (another platform we use – for our newsletter and journal in this case) or visit the PhotoEd website to see back issues and what an amazingly well-crafted magazine Rita creates.

When all is said and done, Canadian artists and educators are blessed that  PhotoEd and its companion book, “Guide to Photography” are still in production. The magazine is a venue for photographers to show their talents while  educators get a reasonably priced magazine and an accurate inexpensive guide for their students.

You can visit our auctions, fairs, and image shows where you will see many examples of film/glass-plate etc. based photos that you can add to your own collection. The next PHSC outing is our fall Photographica-fair in Trident Hall this October 1st. We will be posting more details here as we near the fair date.

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