Some NYC stereos: 1850s – 1930s

1200Toronto. PHSC member and regular contributor George Dunbar found these NYC stereos from the NYC Public Library (a long time member of the PHSC) collection in an article by Nick Mead in The Guardian, London England.

Stereo cards have been popular over the years slowly coming and going in popularity. While many techniques are used to convey stereo, The Guardian has used animated GIF files which George found a bit annoying. Other stereos photos are simply displayed as dual image cards.

Modern day movies are often made in stereo versions. The audience uses polarized glasses to see the stereo in full colour. I recently joined my youngest daughter and her two children to see Despicable Me 2 in stereo. I found the experience to be very entertaining and free of the eye strain imposed by some earlier attempts at stereo.  The story line tended to avoid the obvious 3D scenes with things whizzing out at the audience strictly for the 3D effect.


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