so last century!

ad for Christmas gift ideas in 1948 from Kodak

Toronto. Last century nearly every kid remembers getting a camera or camera kit for Christmas (most likely a Kodak).  Today kids  will still ask for gifts, but not for a camera or camera kit. Instead, top of the list would be their own cell phone – and any decent cell phone is a smart phone complete with a built in camera for selfies and for scenes and others. Any image once taken can be shared anywhere, any time.

This November, 1948 Kodak ad in Popular Mechanics shows the many different Kodak gift ideas offered after WW2.  Those who use film today, or want a Kodak product for the collection, can visit one of our events and they may see just the right camera!

Once again, we owe my good friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar, a debt of gratitude for not only discovering this wonderful advertisement but for thoughtfully sharing it.

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