Show and Tell 2013

1930s Leitz Stereoly

1930s Leitz Stereoly

Wednesday, Dec. 18th, 2013

In a few short weeks it will be time again for our  popular Show & Tell evening. Members bring all sorts of unusual items for show and possible identification. If you have an item, please let Clint know so he can add you to the list! He can be reached at: As usual, we will have our traditional gift exchange. Bring a gift of about $15 of interest to a member to participate – President Mark Singer will bring his Christmas Tree. During the evening, we will have another excellent silent auction, so bring some change too!

The public is welcome.  Go to our Programs page for times and directions.

By the way, in the above icon, I show a 1930s Stereoly on a IIIa Leica. Stereo photography has waxed and waned in popularity over the decades. In the 1930s, Leitz offered a means to take stereo photographs with its marvellous little miniature camera. The Leica had taken off in popularity in the 1930s and encouraged many other little cameras.

The Stereoly uses prisms rather than the cheaper and more common front silvered mirrors. The prism housing was sold with different arms that connected the housing to the camera using the accessory shoe. The arm also supported a special attached viewer. The Stereoly was used with the 5cm Elmar or Summar lens (and the older 5cm Hektor).

Stereo Picture taken with the Leitz Stereoly

Stereo Picture taken with
the Leitz Stereoly

In later years, Leitz made devices using two 33mm lenses with a removable prism housing to enhance the stereo effect at longer distances.

All Leitz stereo devices had in common the use of a single 35mm film frame for both the left and right images. The pair of images is separated by a dark blurry line. You can see at left a modern digital image created with the Stereoly.



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